From Zero to Hero. Day Two. What’s my name?


Way to go! I must say, I am the laziest blogger out there, but hey, that’s just me. Back to the epic challenge the WordPress editors have proposed, I’m only at day two and the task is…uhm…well…painfull: explaining the name and the tagline of the blog. Me, asked to explain choices – that’s one of the things I do not enjoy to do, but since I’m on the dance floor, I might as well dance! :)

I would start with the domain name, though. As you already know, Pasiune means Passion and is one of my principles in life – do everything with passion and it will turn out amazing! By the time I chose this as my blog name, I was using it already as an username for another blogging website. I think some of you still remember those (sweet) times! :)

Avec Passion! Pensées quotidiennes et quelque chose de délicieux

With Passion! Daily thoughts and something delicious. Following my sacred principle of passion, the name of the page and the tagline invite the reader to step into a common universe, but with a twist! We’re talking here about day-to-day drama, learned lessons and the mistakes we make, with a tick topping of love and sprinkles of hope! So, whatever is going on on this blog, surely it’s made with passion. Why in French? Because I have an obsession for this language, although I haven’t learned it yet at an acceptable level. I am still waiting for that perfect moment. Damn perfectionist woman!

So, here’s to another 6 years of blogging with passion!


From Zero To Hero. Day one. Who am I and what am I doing here

Zero to Hero Banner

I have subscribed from the 1st of January to the From Zero to Hero articles issued by The Daily Post but I haven’t convinced myself until now to enter the challenge. It’s maybe because I knew that, even though the tasks might be interesting and helpful, I would end up by not following them until the end. And not because I am a quitter, but because I sometimes am so tired that I would just lay somewhere, without moving.

However, here I am, ready to give it a shot and start from the zero. Although I am on WordPress for 5 years now, I cannot say I blog. I do publish sometimes things I believe in or love, recipes I create or experience, music and thoughts… But I would like to be more active, as this space has proved itself very useful. So am I going to make the most of it!

The task for the first day is to introduce myself.

Hello World, this is Cristina writing! :) I am a stubborn Sagittarius, born in December and in love with everything related to this month, starting with our National Day on the 1st. I find peace and happiness in most of the things that I do, even in my daily job. I consider myself blessed for having a beautiful and supportive family, amazing friends and a pretty good life.

Things have not always been like this. I have been really depressed and sad and my life was ruled by negativity. But how I have shared in a speech a few weeks ago, I became a believer.

Now, I am convinced that anyone, regardless their personal drama, can embrace optimism and add value to their lives. The brain can be controlled to look at the full half of the glass. It takes time and effort and patience, but it’s totally worth it!

And this is in what I am transforming my little corner of the web. You will read here about lessons that I’ve learned, personal reflections, people who helped me or just beautiful souls who come to my way and left a smile on my face, you will find optimism, good music, recipes aaand, of course, passion.

The name of the blog, Pasiune (Eng. Passion) is the main principle on which I guide my life. Here is my belief: do everything with passion and it will turn out amazing!

Life is full of surprizes, enjoy it and smile while you still have teeth. :)